Backing it in?

Spurred on by a few vodka ****tails this evening…and watching enviously, the video where Valentino Rossi takes a 2007 R1 around the the Losail circuit, locking the rear brake and sliding through the turns…

I decided to take my bicycle down to the shops and practice some rear wheel slide action…

So I pedal like mad down hill, approaching the junction for the right turn, I slow to check for traffic. Nothing so I continue pedaling and as I hit the broken white lines of the junction I stomp the rear and hear burning (work with me here ) rubber and I steer right (counter steering doesn’t seem to work on this bicycle) and make this wicked little arc around the bend before I continue onwards to the shop…I instinctively stick my leg out motocross style.

Ha…Its a great feeling and I want to try this on a proper bike now

haha funny enough i used to slide the back of my 600 really well, especially in the rain, the local chavs loved it as i pulled up to the coop!

havent tried it on the 1000 though, love it too much, might buy a 600 again just to thrash and practice wheelies on, will have to hide it from the misses tho


hope she doesnt read this thread

you nut nut afro…

Backing it should not realy involve the back brake… thats skiding it in…

Brake very hard on the front to unload the rear bang down 2 gears and flick in sideways with your body… LOL

Not easy… easy to highside…

Well done on staying aboard, imagine the embarrassment otherwise…and the road rash. I love mountainbiking and practicing tricks, but i`m a bit more cautious nowadays.

Funny you mention there was no counter steering needed, you werent going quick enough <img src='' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Tongue' align='absmiddle'> apparently youd need to be going very quickly on a push bike for the gyroscopic forces to take a real effect.


Was this done on a Raleigh Burner.


Wot a bike! you’ve just brought back some wicked memories for me.

Nah…I’d like a go one though.

Adz…Funny you should say that but on my very first track day at Snetterton I was getting the rear loose going into corners…I distinctly remember hearing the rear locking and the sensation of losing traction…

Its funny, the less you know, the less fear you have…I had no idea what a highside was

Hey I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at all, but it felt cool…I was doing this by banging the gears down more than actually braking…Dunno why…I just felt a bit more secure slowing down…Not so good for the gearbox though.

Goose…I liked your idea of a shared mash up Bandit 600 to use and abuse.

Ok…So Keith Code is talking BS when he says you use counter steering on a bicycle too…That or he can pedal really really fast.

Keith Codes writings are spot on Afro and i`m a fan of his in depth disecting of riding techniques.

The quicker you go the more effort into counter steering is needed. The reverse is also true and youll reach a point at very low speeds where youre not fighting the gyroscopic forces so if you want to turn right you`ll need to steer right.
Try it for yourself and see