As I was getting onto London Bridge and accelerating rapidly this morning a bus swung out the left lane suddenly causing me to roll back the throttle suddenly and change down - this seemed to cause an almighty backfire (single bang)…

Now, I now it’s yobby and chavvy, but I loved it - how can I do it again without having to go really fast and dodge buses?

accelerate hard up to near max revs and let the revs drop slowly. pop pop BANG! :smiley:

You sure that’s not a sound barrier related bang when you wind that BKing up to near max?

the king doesn’t do it. my 600gsr did. decatted and tuned :smiley:

must take the cat out of the King :stuck_out_tongue:

if you on a carbed bike wind it up hit the kill switch quickly you here a banging alright

or you could do what many a bloke has done & buy a triple put a decent pipe on & sound awesome all the time

5k revs. Kill swtich off. Throttle on a little. Switch on. Kaaa-fucking-boom.

Oh and ye I heard it. People turned to HMS Belfast and thought it was doing a gun salute :wink:

Used to do this all the time on my XT250, blew the very rusty exhaust to bits, then did it even more:cool:

I was just a kid, honest!

kill switch, pump the throttle, switch on.
mate did that and popped the end can off.

Or just buy something with a V engine in.

if it starts doing it a lot, you might have a hole in one of your pipes.

mine does and it bangs like feck, all the time. any roll off, BANG, change gear, BANG. firkin loud, I love it! don’t want to fix the pipe really coz it sounds so good, but I suppose I had better really.

It is a V-twin groovy.

No holes in exhaust - it’s virtually new bike

I’ve only managed to do this twice and both times unintentionally

So, let me recap…

I’m riding along at 5000rpm…
Then I hit the kill switch.
Then quickly pump the throttle
Then flick the kill switch back to on…



or fit a push button as its quicker

or fit a spark plug into the exhaust lick Subaru owners do & have flames out of the exhaust

Yerp, it’s igniting the fuel that’s in the system.

There will be loud bangs everywhere tonight haha. Police will be getting all sorts of calls about shots being fired.

I’ll be crossing London Bridge in a few minutes…listen out for me

The kill switch thing is fun but can damage the engine. On my old CB500 I fitted a straight through exhaust when the stock one started to rattle. From the 1st ride that used to backfire all the time and spit flames, which was pretty cool for a CB500. Riding down a hill engine braking it’d pop loads. I did the kill switch a few times and had pedestrians covering their heads. Yes I was a bit inconsiderate in those days.

what do you mean? “in those days”

Yes we remember it in Finchingfield on a quiet day - and that woman with the horse that bolted in Essex - and …

Oh yes the horse. I didn’t get to see that, I only heard about it. A few of the people on the rideout nearly binned it because they were laughing so hard.

I test rode your bike and it was banging and popping on the overrun like good 'un. Try closing the throttle faster…

Singles are best at this btw :wink: