Back to work today

Well don’t know bout you lot, but I’m back to work this morning at 8 Will be thinking of you lot on the rideout. Hope weather stays dry for ya all, have a good time! Luckily I’m not at all jealous

Hope you have a great day at work, I’m off for 10 days closed the shop for staff holidays


oh, your poor sod, bet ur really upset at that grrrrrrr

I`m not going back to work untill the 8th Jan and i packed up on the 15th Dec.

Bloody hell, what do u do? they got any vacancies?

Im an industrial plumber and the job i was on finished and its no point stating another untill the new year, but the only problem is that if i dont work i dont get paid but at least i have time to enjoy time with the family and riding my bike.