back protectors

being a lanky git my bones dont have much fat about them for protection, so i thought I would look into getting some full back protection…any models recommended for tall peeps? (yes i know Claudia Schiffer is hot!)

i would like coccyx protection as well (pardon the french) as long as you dont have to be in a racing crouch to be comfortable

I’m 6’4" or thereabouts and use a Dianese back protector. It has done the job for two reasonably high speed track binnings including sliding up over the kerbing on me back.


Ouch :pinch:

I use a Knox Ricochet back protector and find it good going…Never tested it though…I’m around 6ft2.

Got it from Hein Gericke for about £50

Depending on how long your back is (I have long legs rather than back), you might be better off with their other ones.

seconded - i have one of these too and its the doggies doo doos (im 6ft 1). you can even ‘cross your heart’ them (ok im female, this is an issue for me…)…

im looking to get one of these, either KNOX or Dianese, my mate dhofty( username on here) has a dainese one, he recently had a supermoto land on him, it done its job without a mark on it, it also has wire round it, when you wear it it your bodyheat warms the wire and shapes it to to you perfectly.

I’ve got the forcefield back protector:

I used it for snowboarding a few hours per day and it’s comfy.
I haven’t had a chance to try it on the bike though as I broke my arm snowboarding … :frowning:

cheers for the info, Knox website says this product is CE approved to EN1621-2 Level 1…

isn’t the best type up to level 2? or are they much heavier?

Yup, level 2 is a fair bit better than level 1

Forcefield ones are Level 2 & come in different lengths, pretty comfy too.

Just a bit of useless Chunky Information:cool:

Did you know Barry Sheen developed the first vertebrate back protector made from old visors?:w00t:

I’ve got a Forcefield protector which is a bit like a crash mat in a gym, quite heavy. Have just bought a Dainese protector with the compressible aluminium crumple zone which is much lighter and likely to work very well too, just need to make sure I wear it now.

I have a Knox stowaway, it is good, but can be a little bulky, which unfortunately results in it’s non use sometimes.

Protects the ass though.

I have one of these and would highly recommend it

very comfy, don’t even realise you are wearing it

oh it’s a Knox contour about £95

I have the Knox Ricochet Back Protector, wear it everytime I go out without fail even though my jacket already has armour in (you can never have too much armour), it’s very comfy and lightweight, forget it’s on sometimes.

I’ve got a knox contour race, nice and long as I’m 6’2".

Best thing to do it go and try them all on, I found the one afro and ppgirl like very uncomfortable, so it’s a personal choice.

Also, do a search as this topic has been covered a lot on here. I seem to remember it came up last summer and there was a big thread about it.

yeah i heard that somewhere, i think he claimed he gave his prototype to dainese to get them going on the first production back protector…and thanks everyone for the advice!

as ratty said the dianese back protector is the nut & saved me a serious injury;)

well worth £99 at first it felt stange wearing it but now i got it i always wear it.

I’m 6ft6 and was wearing a hein gericke back protector when I was rear ended up a dozy driver at red traffic lights. Paramedics say it was the reason I’m walking. Cost me £36 and is full length. The ForceField one is better though, but if you are strapped for cash it is a good alternative.

im going to defend the alpinestars back protector…

saved me from being dead back in november when the bike’s arse end slammed into me at 30 mph…

still use it and will be forever in its debt


+1 forcefield. Crash tested to the max (hit stationary bike at 130mph) and only had a small fracture in my back. When you consider i totally wrecked the rest of my body it did very well indeed. I’ve repaired where the medics cut it off me and its good to go for another season.

also if it isn’t CE 2 then why buy it as you can get CE 2 for similar money to CE1 and you only get 1 back! Never ever ever scrimp on protective clothing…buy the best or don’t ride.