Back Protectors

There are alot of back protectors especially on ebay for about £15-20e.g.

they make an enticing offer (£50 less than Knox or other brands ).

So should one go for these ? or is there a reason for the extra cash big names charge ?

I asked the same questions when I was thinking of getting one and ended up with the Forcefield protector . . . but being so big I don’t always use it which is probably it’s only downfall. Once it’s in and you’re on the bike it matches the contour of your back and feels very good, you can hardly tell it’s there after 10 mins.

It’s too big to take with you in a rucksack so you end up wearing it all the time or carrying it seperately, pita ! Would like a smaller one but that measn less protection, but maybe less protection all the time.

Dainese ones are cheaper than Knox and they work… (I’ve tested mine :Whistling: )

It’s a matter of fit more than anything, I found the Knox and Alpinestars ones really uncomfortable. If it’s not comfortable you are unlikely to want to wear it.

If I was feeling like being blunt I’d ask… Is the use of your spine really only worth 15-20 quid to you? Unfortunately it makes a good point really badly :frowning:

Back protectors should be bought as you buy all your other protection. Buy the one that fits best. Price shouldn’t really be coming into it, it’s not like they range from £10 to £1000, we’re only looking at up to 100 pounds.

I’d personally buy the one from a well known brand with a good rep that fits me the best. Go and try a load on, you’ll be glad you spent the extra 20 quid on a tried and tested brand rather than one that hasn’t been and then doesn’t do it’s job if you are ever unfortunate enough to use it.

I’ve got a Knox one and it was £85.

Back protectors are like bras, when you first wear them, they feel alien but now I can’t go outside without one!

ooook… not that i know what you mean

we sell alpinestars boinic and also yamaha(dainese) ring alex or pop in and try one on.

I’ve got this one

and can highly recommend it. Not cheap at £100 but you don’t know you are wearing it when it is on.

sorry for the advertising but mines sitting around doing nothing! You can have it for 60 quid :slight_smile:

pop in an see us try one on and see what you think,i have my denesie one here you can try and we have a good few alpinestar ones in stock.

rex judds west hampstead.

Whilst I agree with the general principle that ‘a poor man pays the least for his boots, and his feet are still wet’, I’ve seen £20 Aldi back protectors that are L2 as much as the knox/davies o’dell ones for 5x the price.

I go around with inserts in my jacket most days, at £15 I’m potentially risking my spine just for some convenience. :ermm:

I’ve got that one too, brought from a mate who’d worn it once or twice the waist strap could do with being longer mind :ermm:

I’ve got a knox ricochet and i find its a little long as it covers right over your coyxx and ends up sticking into the back of your pants but once your on the bike you forget its there just when you walk around its a pain.