Back protectors

Has anyone ever tried one of these?

I quite like the look of the Knox Contour back protector otherwise…

Anyone got any suggestions - just remember that I’m not a strapping great big bloke - I’m a little woman with curves… ahem…

Thats the one I wear when racing, its not comfortable for all day evry day use. Its so long, it covers your coxic (or however you spell it).

Not all back protectors are good for the road, issue with some of them is that they can cause more damage with than with out. One issue seems to be up around the kneck area, its been proven that a whip lash type of effect can cause the top of the protector i.e around the kneck to actually damage vertebraes.

Not sure on the comfort of that one, but I think I have the knox stowaway RSK back protector, certainly covers my cocyx and is comfortable.

Remember that your leathers will probably need to be a size or two larger. Using me as an example, my jacket needs to be about a size or two larger for it to fit comfortably and the leathers not be too tight.


Suggest you try a few different makes and styles to get a good fit, I wouldnt buy from Flea bay unless I knew it was the right size and shape for my (addonis ) type body.

Your ebay name is Larisa… something you’re not telling us Drei?

I’m using the Knox Countour Back Protector, and is pretty comfortable. Also gives me a nice hunchback look…very in this summer I’m told

What he said ^

Comfy, has special abilities to keep you warm when cold, and cool when hot - some magic sewn into the material apparently!!

I like mine, and my hunchback!!

Mad, I go into the shop first and try what I want on from E-bay on. Got some brand boots of E-bay after going into the shops first to try some on. If you do this then you will not be left with something that does not fit from the start. Also, maybe ask a friend if you could use their one for a ride?

I can highly recommend this one!

I have had mine for about 2 years wear it everyday and it is super comfy! I have done two 5+day 2000 mile+ Euro trips, worn it all day everyday, crashed in it once and I never even know it it there!

prob a good place to start is what are you going to wear it with/underneath? 1 or 2 piece? road or track (or both). what are you using at the moment and how tight a fit is it?

the contour is quality (i’ve got one that i used with my 1-piece). wouldn’t use it for everyday riding tho

the seperate back protectors feel very different to integrated ones like those you put in a dainese jacket, and you’re best to go try out the options with your leathers as they vary in bulk and length like chufster has mentioned

I’m planning to go out shopping and try some on, but it’s just that I couldn’t find any references to that particular protector anywhere.

My jacket has one integrated into it, but was thinking about something longer and sturdier for the trackday (did I mention… lol) following some sound advice from B (plus I know someone who broke their back and pelvis at Cadwell Park recently)

The contour seems the best bet as it’s doesn’t appear to be as bulky as a lot of them

Try the “soft” options, yeah. I’ve never been on a track day but I bought a Knox contour for that purpose. It fits well so far but I can’t be bothered in the course of a normal day (jacket inserts for me).

The Forcefield stuff is very similar. I recently bought an insert from there and it’s top notch. I imagine the full length forcefield back protector is similar to the contour.

Best thing is, both the knox and the forcefield (optional) come in L2 protection - higher than the standard. Plus both knox and forcefield come in dainty lady sizes.

I tried several on yesterday and the Knox contour is off the list - the edges of my shoulder blades dig in

The Knox stowaway is now looking favourite, as the Alpinestars ones made me feel like a tortoise

I quite like the idea of a longer back protector for use with my draggin jeans, so my jacket’s internal protector may get taken out for the summer… we’ll see!

Make sure you try the Knox Ricochet as well … even if only so you can have as much attitude as this girl

It will seem uncomfortable and stiff at first, but it will give a little the more you wear it.

I use a Forcefield it great and moulds to your body as it warms up. They also score the highest in tests.

Pah, you think that look oozes attitude… she’s a mere amateur!

Both Ness and I use these. I’ve tried a few but this one came out tops for comfort - if it isn’t comfy, it won’t be long before you “forget” to wear it.

i have the forcefield pro l2 back protector. Its great…thinner than the knox but has the same safety standard slapped on it. Its very comfortable and doesn’t sound like your putting a nappy on like the knox waist belt does. Fits ace, comfortable, highest level of TESTED protection, easy to put on, suitable for track and every day use…what more could you want


Update: the Knox stowaway made my jacket too tight and the thinner Richocet has strange little protrusions from the padding which dug in and would probably stop me from wearing it much! So Knox was ruled out.

Alpinestars had already been ruled out and I couldn’t find anywhere reasonably local that stocked the Forcefield one, so that I could try it on.

Thus the one I bought today is a Dainese Wave, it’s thin, light and comfortable, yet it’s quite rigid. Plus it makes my waist look tiny (no this was not a buying consideration )!

Hopefully I will never find out how good/bad it is in an accident