Back protectors and leather pants/jackets

Hey there.

I have two dainese leather jackets and the dainese delta pants. However, I bought all of them at a size that would give a snug(but not uncomfortable) fit because I’ve been constantly told that the tighter it is, the safer it is. The problem is that on one jacket, if I use a full sized back protector, the jacket won’t zip up at all, whereas on the other, while the full back protector will fit in, it’s almost impossible to fit the lower half inside the pants. The only way for it to work is not to zip the jacket and the pants together and have the lower half of the protector exposed. Do you do that as well or do you usually buy a bigger number in pants(and therefore generally baggier)?

Are your leathers brand-new? If so, they’ll soften up soon and have a bit more “give” - so you might find your back protector fits after a while.

The pants are relatively new(they’ve been worn about 4 times). I hope that they will open up a bit. However, I have the forcefield l2 protector which is a bit thick, and that coupled with the fastening system won’t be making things very easy.
In case it won’t, are there any safety hazards not zipping together the jacket+pants and having the lower part of the protector exposed?