Back protector which one?

My brother has got an all singing all dancing £100 Knox one just tried it and it’s seriously bulky under my leather jacket and makes the jacket a little too tight and uncomfortable.

I want a good one but are they all this huge that they spoil the fit of the jacket?

I’m glad you posted this up Terry as I need to find out which back protector to get. I was also looking at Knox but wasn’t too sure. I think it might be the case with most back protectors though, maybe you’ll have to start getting a size bigger jacket?

Dainese. I have one in my leathers, and use it in loose jackets as well. Best quality and Rossi wears one too, eh, so it can’t be bad!

Dudes its really simple, come to our shop and try different types

Dainese wave 2 is a very good back protector, but it is purely a back only protector, £89.99

Knox make 3 different types in at least 3 sizes ( 9 in the Riccochet!!! ) Entry level(STOAWAY) Fast road riding (RICCOCHET) and the amazing race orientated (CONTOUR)> When I worked in Camberwell I supplied the local bomb squad with Knox Body armour!! from £59.99-99.99Knox protect your back, shoulder and kidney regions

Forcefield force ten is the Ride Recc. back protector. Very thin and Very comfortable!!! £79.99ideal if you is a big boy Again larger coverage than just back

Now bear in mind that your leather jackets WILL stretch to accomadate your chosen back protector over a short period of time

Jay - have you Dainese underpants?


The key is to get one that fits and is comfy (you being a big guy), Tel, as they come in all shapes and colours. And take your jacket to the shop to try on over it.

But Dainese, Knox, AlpineStar, and this lot, Forcefield who Ride rate highly

are all contenders. Should all be CE rated. I use Knox stuff in my two suits and have a big yellow Know item (sounds like yer bros).

But remember that it should protect all your spine, and mine wraps around to cover my entire back, also it is comfort on the bike that is important not standing up.

Personally wouldn’t be prepared to buy a second hand one unless I could inspect it first. That rules Ebay out for me, but there you go.

Happy shopping.