Back protector inserts

Have a dainese and a forcefield one, £15 for the forcefield and £10for the Dainese, never been crashed in and in good condition, can be collected from Bow, East London or Ware, Herts




I’ve always wandered if these are one size fits all?

There’s at least 3 different sizes for the forcefield one, the measurements on the label identify the size range

ill ask my son if he is interested

im not far from bow so can collect


Forcefield one sold

Curtis, let me check the size when I get home. But I’ll take the other one.


Damn, if I lived any closer would have had the dainese one… I always have to move the one I have between my Textile and leathers. Having said that, I ride so infrequently, it’s not a massive problem.

Then again, the sleeper would have beaten me​:kissing_smiling_eyes::joy:

You want me to pick it up for you
And let Fatboy bring in it with him

Measured up, still not 100% but for £10 I’ll give it a punt.

Wise, I’d you could mate that would be great.