Back online! Thank good!

My good it seems that I was ‘off’ for a year!! My connection is back now and my work seems to ge easing off a bit. So much to catch up, I even don’t know where to start from?

Hope you guys are all ok and I didn’t miss much!

Welcome back mate! you have been missed…

I know what you mean, gone for a week and can’t read through things.

Andrea, I gave up! it’s just too many! I will concentrate on the future now… lol If I missed something important please show me the path guys…

WE missed you .

I thought you’d disappeared to stick pins in your Zinedine Zidane voodoo doll!

lol, Zidane is a great player, one of a kind and I have only admiration for him. His futebol is beatiful Silver, and he has to be praised.

I never noticed you left but I missed you all the same

Welcome back

lol, glad you are fine mate!