Back on two wheels for first time in 2 years!

So after two years of trying to rebuild a Triumph I gave in and bought a Japanese replacement (CBR600RR) as it was an absolute bargain.

In the process of up-specing as it’s completely stock, so I want to see what it can do. Any suggested routes / locations to check out that are doable within a day from North London?

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Hey, welcome back to 2 wheels! - what year and how much was the cbr out of interest? I’ve always quite fancied one

Cant help on the suggestions unfortunately!

2009 with 12000 on the clock in white with full honda service and it’s clean as a whistle - £3500 with two screens, two pillion seats and a few other bits. I was beaming :grin:

Finchingfield, via any route.

Amazing deal! Plus you’re ulez compliant. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a similar bargain

Welcome back! Any pics of the new ride?

I’ve not had time to work on her yet but here is my new delivery for the first mods. Will hopefully have some time on the weekend to get grubby.

Yeah Finchingfield is beautiful, definitely a must to take a trip out to the Fox by the bridge. May have to try that on Sunday. I’ve already put 450 miles on her in 2 weeks so im feeling pretty confident again and in need of some twisties!!

Finchingfield looks lovely - nice ride from where I am too (just north of Barnet), so I may have to try that one!