back on the menu .

i have a freind thats been up for grabs for a time now and is looking for some good honest advice from the lady biker scene . he has tried many avenues and spent a shed load of money in his search for a good woman. all the women so far he has met have been proper fruit loops and loads of weird stuff that goes on in there life. please help me help my freind.

Tis the Christmas Party season coming up … get him to go to every party he can … he shouldn’t go wrong !

Not that I’m from the Lady Biker scene mind !!

I have a friend… Heard this one before

What do you mean I’ve heard this one before…

I’ve done it!

Yes but I never mentioned your name

unfortunaly the WHOLE human race is suffering for varying degrees of mental illness…

so its A bit of a lottery…

most people are nutz…

specially ermm girls…

ok ok… and boys.

I hope your friend is not looking for a girl thats not nuts in some way withing the biking world…

if he is


ohh i found one she seems to be looking to…

I know another biker lookin for love…

perhaps we should have a singles area…?

think you find it when you aint looking, my opinion

I have a friend… Heard this one before

10 points to that man!!!

honest its not me . my freind just wants to know where he is going wrong he has his own house a 1300 yam he works he plays and dont do meaningless sex [bless]

I know exactly where he’s going wrong…

Tell him to ditch the Yam and go Honda, much more reliable… like he wants his women to be

tbh you find someone when you are not looking. Trust me! That is the way it works

He needs to chill and just keep on doing what he enjoys albeit making sure his leathers are clean

What does he look like? Is he in shape? Is he confident?

There is nothing that turns chicks off more than a guy who is nervous about talking to them

Whatever he does, never ever show a woman you like her too much to begin with because she will walk all over you. Also if he talks to a chick and she is kinda cold, dont keep on trying… women hate desperation of any sort

Apart from that he should NEVER expect to find women only in pubs… you can meet women anywhere and he needs to be open to that, optimistic, smiling etc Never let the thought that you are single get you down because I feel it shows in your body language and you come off all depressed

hmmmm thinking thinking

be nice girls it aint his fault he has a yam did i tell you he is a dab hand with timber and stuff and can do anything when it comes to house improvements and cooking . mrs boo loves him to the hilt.


oh hark at fern ova here… pmsl.

Err the one and only Bald Fantastic is in the market place…

AKA James…



Careful there fella, Mrs boo may end up being the one who gives him some lovin!

Bluddy hell !!! Bet your mates proper please with you now !!! hee hee poor sod prob wont want to show his little face anywhere now, we will all be pointing and going…“THATS the one”…

Chocfawn? where did all that come from girl??? proper minefield of information and all from your 20 odd years of life on this planet !!! (boy but u must have lived already! ha ha)

If the guy dont know whats going on then maybe he shouldnt be looking anymore? Obviously somethings not working out for him, or hed be in a relationship by now?

Anyway, whats that got to do with bikes??? And yeh, ditch the Yam, get a Honda !!

Well it’s not me… I’ve got a 1300 Honda, not yam lol

gayest thread eveeeerrrrr…

tell him just to grow a set and start chatting up likely looking candidates wherever he might find them. And don’t look desperate. Oh and don’t get people to try matchmaking for him on public message boards.

if you’re a mate of his then he must not be totally repulsive and have some nice features - women (the right ones) will see that…