Back on the bike...

After near on six months without a bike I very happily picked up my new baby this morning. Big thanks to Matt at Oval Motorcycle Centre for helping out with a few tweaks and dosing me up with tea.

So, without further ado…

Very nice!

very nice :slight_smile: liking the colour,nice to see some bike love with the hug:hehe:


looking good like the colour

it does look good in that colour, enjoy…

Looking very nice, almost as nice as mine !!

very nice colour… :slight_smile:

looking good :slight_smile:


I wish you well and happy riding and Good Luck


Looks like you’re trying to sleep in the third one. :smiley:

I hate Busa’s but since Mo’s new one and now yours…I really like them. :cool:

So bloody long, how do they go round corners?? :w00t:

really like the blue, its very smart!:slight_smile:


blue is a nice colour. It makes a change from the black

Makes a nice change to see someone pretty on a Busa… They are usually proper ugly fuggers!!!:P:D

Lovely bike and colour only comes second to mine in graphite BUT I HAVE TO ASK…Have you really thought that through? And before anyone gets on their high horse about my being sexist and saying chicks should’nt ride big bikes, I’M NOT! There are a multitude of women on here that could ride rings round me (Ang, she-wolf et all!). I’m just saying busa’s can be a handful at the best of times and that is a massive step up from your last ride. That said, enjoy it and for f*cks sake take it steady. Peace and love.