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Back on an orange bike

So after trading my orange hornet for the CB1R and not getting a KTM I finally scratched the itch with a SMC-R 690!


Very nice!!

I don’t know mate. That just looks like an invitation to be completely and utterly reckless. Still you’ll save on front tyre wear.

Sickness! Oh man you’re going to have so much fun on that badboy!

Of course you won’t be able to leave it anywhere, you know this right? It’ll be gone in a blink of an eye if you let it out of your sight.

Psst. Bring it round one day.

Thanks guys!
I will def take good care of it! hopefully will slow me down from the CB (also a bit of a hoonigan on that!)

Jay will pop over when the weather is better :wink:

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drooling … lovely bit of kit … might be a bit big for supermoto day down at angmerring ! .

Hopefully you not taking it into London. Otherwise it could be a short love affair.

Kept the CB1K R so will continue to use that!
It has 55,000+ miles now so barely run in!

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Another advantage to living in the sticks. I left my key in my KTM for about 6 hours in Mersey Island when I first rode her.

Can’t see that ending well in London somehow.

Totally done that, multiple times on a GSX-R 1000. Once in Shepherds Bush. God knows how it was still there.

CoronaVirus lunchtime ride out :mask:


Love it @Panagiotis. Very jealous right now. Bike looks great, roads look great.

you on a bike yet? could do a repeat next week (all week!) :smiley:

Not yet.

Jay, might you be interested in a Monster 1100 Evo from an LBer?

dont you mean Tuono!?

nah, he’s already declined my advances

I’ll meetup with ya, I know some great lanes around there :joy:

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have you seen my tires? :scream:

You just need to get a full wet front, the rear will be fine. Just ask @Serrisan
Also come the summer the front will be ok