back on 2 wheels

Hey all…

Well, its been 2 months without wheels since my CBR600f was stolen & I finally received my cheque from the insurance company this morning…

Now its time for a new ride…

looking at either



or the new Dayton 675. (saw one yesterday & it comes in black…gorgeous bike & the pillion seat looks a bit more comfy for the miss’s… but a bit over what i wanna spend aswell

wanna spend around 5k but can stretch that

it gonna be used for mostly the rd.

What d’ya all reckon? anyone seen any good deals lately.

Have a look in this weeks MCN as there`s loads of deals in there.

been looking at it the past 2 days aswell as the net. think im gonna go blind with the amount of time ive spent in front of this screen…

what i wanna know is would anyone rate one over the other & why.

like the look of all but i think triumph is stunning

the RR is sweet but i dont think my girl would like the hard seat.

decisions decisions!!