Back now

I might be along for this on Sunday.

Ummm yeah a uhh leisurely pace :wink: Ha ha wait till you meet meOh and i’ll be a plus 1… well meeting one of the lads from down that way there aswell

We’ll be there at 11.30 itching to ride:D

We feel ASBO and Hels will make a perfect couple but will be there to chaperone to ensure no funny business on the first meeting:D:D

Ha ha, you guys making sure there no funny business :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I will be chaperoning the Jetstreams given their interest in saucy London Bikers calendars and the like - you never know what maybe raring to get out from behind their calm and friendly exteriors :smiley: :wink: oo err missus, think Sid James and Carry On Up the Box Hill Rykers Caff - better than a 1970’s sitcom!!

Oh yes - you may not recognise me on Sunday as I will not have mad curly hair this time - it will be straight. I am getting it blow dried straight as a special treat this weekend. So look out for the straight haired person, eating chips, drinking tea and observing proceedings in a calm and sanguine manner.

Sunday it is folks!! Oh and can anyone adjust my clutch lever whilst we are at Box, it has somehow become so stiff my entire wrists and hands are in pain :frowning:

Laters !!:stuck_out_tongue:

Straight hair !!!:w00t: We’ll see…kinda like the wild curly look:) Yeah i’ll check out the clutch for you, sounds like could be a dry cable. Will also think of a few lanes for a ride out, but can’t promise there’ll be any decent locations for dodgy photo shoots though.:wink:

lanes would be good :DI’ll be finding plenty of them on my journey down, which at the moment im thinking will take about 4 hours with the rough route im planing on taking :w00t:

I don’t think we’ve met yet Hels, but pleased you’re back safe nonetheless! :wink:

I’ll be along for this for sure. See you all at Box.

Obviously the Jetskis won’t be coming then, if there is nowhere for dodgy photo shoots :frowning: :frowning:

I understand from my pal who borrowed the Triple that my suspension is terrible on the lanes compared to a moto- this will mean I have an excuse to ride slowly round the twisties ha ha :wink: :smiley: :hehe:

The more the merrier - just look out for the newly straighthaired person on a Triumph drinking tea, eating chips and wielding a telephoto lense in front of two dodgy looking folks on another Triumph, plus a few other deliquents on motos, kawasakis and the like and that will be us. No need to try and spot LB stickers :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can get out of bed in time I’ll be there for 11.30, if not you may just have to wait :D:D

No chance of getting rid of us that easy Miss Hels - and as for can you get out of bed early enough to make 11.30 @ Box Hill :w00t: Are you a woman or a mouse?

Don’t worry Mr and Missus Jetstream - I’ll be there with my camera - no fear… :wink:

Re 11.30 am - obviously with us now rapidly approaching middle age (ish) people we are in denial and have to keep up the appearance of Saturday nights out until dawn with the yoof, when really we are in bed by 9.30pm with bedroom slippers, the Daily Mirror, a glass of Jacob’s Creek and the TV Soap Guide…

How come you have lost a car of this description (aka signature)?

How come you have lost a car of this description (aka signature)

We have not lost it , but we are going to find it - the driver knocked Chris off a courtesy bike, injured him, helped him pick it up, gave his contact details, said sorry and then went on his way.

The deatails were false.

No luck tracing the number plate through the solicitor / police ? I remember you posting this - is there no way that the police can find out whether tne car is taxed, insured or has been stolen ? Seems in your case they have done FA :frowning: :-(I will keep a look out for this vehicle …

Umm if i can get up at 5 to leave at 6 to meet you guys down there you best be getting up and there on time or you’ll be in troubles :w00t::P:hehe:

Well, as you might have noticed ASBO, it is now precisely 1.43am in the morning :wink: I know most young folks will only have started going out clubbing by now, but I got back a good two hours ago:ermm: How am I supposed to get up in time for an 11.30 am tea, chips and a Jetsream dodgy 1970’s carry on up the Rykers caff photo opportunity if this state of affairs continues tomorrow? :D:D

Umm im not out clubbing :stuck_out_tongue: And yes im still a youngster :wink:

You should get up because of the excitement of it all :D:cool:

This is all too much excitement for an old bird like me, I might be popping my hernia soon if I don’t go and have a lie down. Two am now - blimey!!! :w00t:

Right I need to sober up now from the few I had earlier in the Public House and have some sleeps.

See ya Sunday!! I’ll be there, revving up the mobility scooter - can’t miss me!!

See you then Grandma :w00t::hehe:

Laters!! Night night!! ( I heard the new government are abolishing ASBO’s now, does that mean you’ll change your forum name?)

I might pop down, I like a bit of off roading now and then :slight_smile: