Back now

I am back now from Afghanistan - only did a five week stint this time - mainly in Jalalabad, plus over near the Pakistan border and a bit of time in the capital. It was fine apart from a couple of Taliban attacks on the Nato base in Jalalabad. It flew by - seems no time at all since I was saying goodbye at Borough Market and eating Allie’s cookies.When I get the Street Triple back from the hooligan I have leant it to - will be up for a Ride Out!! Say Box Hill, 1st Sunday in August :smiley: ? It will be my usual pace - ie swift, take no prisoners and break all the speed limits, plus knee downs and wheelies galore!! NOT!!

Maybe see some of you folks again at Borough soon also. Look forward to it :smiley:

Glad to know you’re back safe Hels:D

Im up for that one Hels… Will be good to finaly meet you face to face and my bike should all be done by then, will deffo be on the road so i can make it down.

Jetstream the rideout sorted :w00t::hehe:


been some scary stories from out there while you were away, so have been worried :frowning:

Jealous of your work you do out there! glad your all abck and safe.I need to show Mel box hill, but were way 1st sunday of Aug. But hopefully the week after or something.

Cheers folks!! Thanks for your good wishes!! Yes sorry you won’t make it Lewis and Mel, but maybe Powerpuffgirl, Asbo, the Jetskis and a few others might like a nice cuppa at Box and a wee run round the lanes? :smiley: And Emsee of course ha ha ! You are all welcome also to peel off and go your own way too as I am not the quickest of riders these days :hehe: The Striple has a puncture, but will be fixed by then.

Be great to meet you ASBO after so long too!!

Jetski will be along to give parental guidance. You young folk should get together for a bit of fun or you`ll end up like us, old and clutching at our last vestiges of youth.:smiley:

Will Garret be along for entertainment value?:slight_smile:

You 2 old? Never :w00t::hehe:

Yes we definitely need Garret on the Buell :smiley: Go on Garret!! You know you want to join us!! The roads will be less slippy now as you folks had a dry summer in Engerland - so the lanes will be perfect!!

Ha ha - not sure if I can be defined as ‘young’ these days lol - think ‘rapidly approaching middle age’ (depending on how old middle age is) :hehe::hehe: However, of course parental guidance from the Jetstreams is always welcome, you never know with young(ish) folks on bikes that are a bit big for them - they can get carried away and need reigning in:D

There worse than the kids :w00t: Or have they not taken you down any bumpy roads, namely one in essex that was more like a woops section on a moto-x track :hehe:

Yeah i’ll be there.:wink:

…Hopefully he’ll avoid getting the bike muddy this time if he comes.:hehe:

Just let us know what time you plan to be there Helen.

Hels - please confirm - is it this coming Sunday (1 Aug)? :slight_smile:

Yes it is - although I know there is the memorial ride also on that date - which I didn’t realise until now so am not on the list for it. I can understand if folks are all going to this instead and if so have a great ride!! If not - maybe see you Sunday!

However, anyway i am around now on a few weekends for Boxhill rides - so if folks can’t make this one - there’ll be another :smiley: :smiley: I need to get the Striple going again!!

What time ?..11.00 ?

Oh yes - time - not sure what time is reasonable for a Sunday morning to arrive at Box? Say 11? 11.30 ish? Martin - great you’ll be there - and your knowledge all the lanes! Garret - you are welcome also and I promise the lanes won’t be slippy and muddy this time :slight_smile:

Was a little bit slippery last time…but the mud was all Garrets handy work:hehe: (sorry mate) See you at 11.00:cool:

Its more fun when its gets slippery ;)Hmm 11:30 that would mean i’ll have to leave at about 7 the latest… this would roughly be my route getting there :w00t:,-0.670853+to:box+hill&geocode=FYz_GwMdFbzj_ylD-pojq8RwSDHkmYNgjVCF_A%3BFQaOGgMdrF3k_w%3BFbLRGQMdrGTl_w%3BFWYUGQMdqHTm_w%3BFXUdGAMd9z7p_w%3BFRw9FwMdTJjp_w%3BFXiLFQMdu4br_w%3BFbgwFAMduKbs_w%3BFYr8EQMduJrz_w%3B%3BFRgJDgMdoqn7_ym1jry-qOZ1SDHQ1fpIMK4OCg&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=9&sz=11&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9&dirflg=h&sll=51.407344,-0.594635&sspn=0.258273,0.894699&ie=UTF8&ll=51.852746,0.373535&spn=2.045995,7.157593&z=8

Blimey Asbo you’ll need a lie down and a cuppa when you arrive!! How about 12 noon then? Would that work instead for folks?

Ha ha, i’ll just be getting started :wink:

Right I’ll probably get there for about 11.30 - then I’ll spend my usual amount of time faffing about going to the loo, eating chips, drinking tea, chatting, seeing who I can spot and looking at bikes in the car park, which means there will be enough hours for ASBO to saunter down from Stratford at a leisurely pace.

Martin - see you at 11.30! And Joy, if you are around! Jetskis and whoever else wants to pop down and get their knee down (not pop off and get their whole self down like last time) come along!

Again I come with a slow coach warning attached - it’s the suspension you see - if I had a moto there would be no holds barred :smiley: