Back in the UK

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and safe.

Finally back from the Falklands and done all the visiting family and friends stuff. Done my CBT, sorted my bike and arranging my theory and DAS when I return to London next week.

Below is the picture of my future pride and joy that I am handing over the cash for on Tuesday.

I look forward to meeting you at the meets :slight_smile:

Beautiful bike! Welcome mate

Glad you made it back in one piece…

Pretty wild buying a bike without even riding it, but fair play.

Don’t write it off once you’ve got your licence!

Very nice bike mate. Good luck with all, and welcome to LB.

Nice bike… You got the fast colour too :).

Welcome back I guess and hurry up and pass the test so you can come out and play before winter.

welcome :slight_smile:

So no minefield accidents then? :smiley: Welcome back, the bike looks awesome. Where are you doing your DAS?

That bike looks even better in the flesh!
I see it on upper street all the time!

Passed Module 1 today! Yes, oh yes! Mod 2 is booked for 22nd of the month but there’s likely to be cancellations that I can hopefully get on.

You don’t mess about :w00t:

Good luck and take some anti-adrenaline serum before your first few rides :smiley:

Quick Update - Passed my Mod 2 yesterday :slight_smile: Well happy. So if anyone sees me on the ginger Ninja don’t forget to wave! Anyone on a rideout on bank holiday Monday?

congrats on passing!! now take it easy on the Ninja and catch you on a rideout soon.

Congrats mate. Best day of my life passing my mod 2 :slight_smile:

I’m sure a bunch of us will be out on Monday if the weather is good… Ninjas are awesome.

Cheers guys, was definitely up there with the best of days. Just seen the thread about the rideout to Beechy head. Are you going on this one?


Dude, you’re so lucky! I’m having my mod2 just after the BH rideout so I have to miss it but I’d be definitely up for a rideout after that

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, many congratulations on making it to big bike status (it’s 3 months today for me). If you look on the Events section, I am leading a ‘new to big bikes’ ride out on Sunday - let me know by replying on that thread if you fancy coming.