Back in the club!!!

Finally after several long years of being out of London and without a motorbike yet still graciously tolerated on this forum I am hopefully gonna be back in the big persons gang as picking up the new (second hand) bike tomrrow. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D OK, im not moving back to london but could argue I still live int eh cimmuter belt (just) and well be fair…one step at a time huh??? :w00t:

what bike are you getting? :slight_smile:

Good news girl,is it a CBR???

:smiley: c’mon - don’t leave us hanging - whatcha getting? :smiley:

you must be made up :smiley:

Sorry to be dull but its another CBR600F - love those babies - but have gone for a change of colour - red white and blue, not the black i was origionally looking for - but so long as this privte seller isnt selling me a heap, ive got a bargin thats worth compromising on the colour

nice one :slight_smile:

there’s a good reason why they are popular :wink:

Welcome back! :smiley:

And, as you well know, that’s a great choice of bike! :wink:

HI Alice it’s good to hear from you and enjoy the bike.

Hope the bike is a good one, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Welcome back…Yeah those CBRs are bulletproof eh :wink:

Glad to know you found what your looking for. Hope to see you at one of the meets soon x