Back from overseas

I used to live in london up until 2007, during that time i had… alot of bikes

Aprillia RS125
ZXR400 x2 (yep not at the same time)
CB400 CB-1
Hornet 600
GSXR750 slabby

Probably missed a whole bunch, but anyway you get the point.
Just returned from living in the dump thats called Taiwan, spent almost 5 years there.
Bought myself a Bandit 1200 K5 and will be moving to surrey quays area within the next month.

So anyway hi :smiley:

hello and welcome mate

Hello mate, feck that’s some bikes u’ve had. Welcome to LB, I’ve just joined recently, all good…

I know right, i even missed out another bunch!

2X RGV250’s

lol i think thats all of them, swear im forgetting one of them!

welcome m8, i am round corner from the quays there area few of us in the area.

Hahaha you forgot, you bought my old 1100K!
You still live in bermonsey?

aha, lol. yeah still here.


welcome back mate