back from nw200

got back last night after our wee trip…1029 miles, and about 900 of those was in the pouring rain.

despite having everything in plastic bags, such a trip water still leaked in, so spent much of time damp!

had to almost carry ginger out of club on friday night, that poor boy cant handle his drink…:stuck_out_tongue:

the road race itself was awesome,didnt get to the spot i would have liked, i was overruled in group i was in! but always next yr.

going to look into going home more ofen for the roadraces, they really are a cut above any form of racing ive ever seen.

was unfortunate about the young rider who was killed- another rider came off right in front of us, was very lucky as a few inches to the right and he would have hit the lamppost. bike exploded into flames when it hit the ground.They had to stop most of the races due to accidents, and couldnt even have the last race due to delays and weather

Sounds like you had a good time. Rain and damp clothing I know only too well. The look on some of the peoples faces when emptying the boots and gloves and standing under the hand dryers at the services - priceless. Not being able to drink the coffee because im shivering so much - not so good. :slight_smile:

Whereabouts were you in the end? We spent most of the day on the straight just before the York hairpin in Portstewart. I’ll definitely go back next year, hopefully the weather will be better!

we were down at ballysally roundabout

think the best parts are up at church corner, metropole, black hill, juniper hill etc, plus the added bonus is these are all within easy walking distance from each other, along with the start finish line.

Being way down at the bottom of the circuit, felt like we werent really in much of the action.

already looking into going to ulster grand prix over summer

I stayed at Mathers Cross for most of the day. Saw the crash you mentioned.

Will probably go again, but next time I think I’ll get a van and load up my bike and my mate’s in that to ride when we get to Ireland.

i was easy to go whethever ou went so u had my vote