Back from lurking.... with a ulterior motive!

Hi all,

I’ve been a lurker on the forum since 2011, and been on the occasional ride out a few years ago.

I’ve been guilty of trying to do too many things, and not got out on the bike that much over the last couple of years, what with buying and renovating a house and work being busy.

Anyway, i am resurrecting my passion for 2 wheels and have just upgraded my bike… to a Monster 1200S. I need to get out on it and make it a worthwhile investment and enjoy it.  Some could call it a mid life crisis but I think it was time for a change.

I’m selling my 2007 fazer but can’t list it as i don’t have enough posts on the forum to qualify for classifieds :( 

Look forward to getting out for a ride with you guys some point soon - although the ride out section of the form seems very quiet at the moment… is there a reason for that?



Hey Ady and welcome

Yes, people generally forgot to post in there.

Hey Ady, welcome :) Considering your long standing, I think we can forgo the Classifieds post count rule for you.

Cheers Jay - will pop something up shortly!