Back from Indianapolis

Back yesterday from Indianapolis. Had a great time and managed to blad a paddock pass. Hope you enjoy the pix. Ran into Vale and his crew outside a restaurant in downtown Indy. He was smoking a fag and it was after midnight.

Nice pictures, you have made me very jelous.

Your a very lucky man, i’m also very jealous:)

Decent memories like that worth so much.

i’ll add to the list of jealous ones… alright for some huh?

Oh, it’s all swings and roundabouts. I’ve been married twice and this last weekend is just a bit of payback.

I spoke to Guy Coulon and he said that the chances of JT staying at T3 are better than 50pc. I think that it all depends on Ben’s Pies. They can’t have two Americans in the team, so if BS signs, then I think that Colin will be on his way, which is a shame as he has been nothing short of superb this season. I shared a beer with his dad after the race, and he’s a gent too.

I am definitely going next year.

Hi Ninja,

Glad to see you had such a splendid time over in the Colonies. Any idea what’s happened to Guy’s forum? Been trying to connect off and on for the last few days but it seems terminally down…

Did you book your flights well ahead or get a special deal? I’m just wondering how much I’d need to budget for if I did something similar…

Mango, me old love !

There are a few of the guys over on Ride On Two ( Jims board )

I booked the flights in Feb / Mar and got them for about 340 quid I think. I went from Gatwick via Cincinatti on the way out and via Atlanta on the way back. It was a great weekend, helped by the paddock pass. Spent some time with Jeff in Ohio and his bro, they are nice guys.