Back Dimples ??? ***pictures of girl's lower backs may be viewed ***** lol

Thanks to Shauna I now know what a back dimple is.


There is one with a girl on a big choppper (Shauna’s words not mine) so lap it up.

I have to say, you haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced the back dimples - they rock!

Its nice to know im not the only women in the world with these :slight_smile:

I’ve never even looked to see if I have them … JZ, help me out here ?

I’ve got moobs…anyone wanna see a pic of them?

GG if JZ won’t help you I will


Put them away Tobes, no one needs to see them hunny

I’ll have to look later - firewall at work spiling all the fun…

And Toby

I’ll try babes but I dunno if I’ll be able to tear my eyes away from your ass for long enuff

Love handles are currently hiding my dimples…

Now now, this is a family show people

What Im thinkin bout DEFINATELY aint family viewing