Back At Brands! (Brands Indy 27th June)

This is the track day I’d booked way back at the beginning of the year, organised (and subsidized) through work.

Last night I finally brought home my new track bike -

Lets hope I can stay rubber side down tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Nice one Andy , looks cool, what is it ?
also what time ya at brands tomoro?
Wednesdays are me day off , so sun permiting , might take a slow ride down ( if ya dont mind me watching )

ok, CBR600 ?

It’s a 1999 Fireblade.

Sure, I’m there all day, 8am to 5pm ish I guess. Feel free to pop down :slight_smile:

Rubber side down! The bike and trailer look good, you have a great trackday career ahead of you :slight_smile:

Well this one’s designed for it, so no mods problems I hope!

I’m so jeelous of your track bike :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck. Don’t underestimate the Fireblade.

How did you get on Andy? I went to the evening session to watch and it was a proper crashfest-one every session it seemed

Was it still spitting with rain? There were a few drops on the penultimate session, 3 bikes down almost simultaneously in the fast group. Me and two mates went out for the last session, I think there where maybe 7 bikes on the track in total, was pretty awesome, but I was knackered, so only did 6 or 7 laps and then quite while I was ahead :slight_smile: (not literally, I was probably still slower than everyone else :wink: )

Yeah, was a good day though. Didn’t start well, the ‘new to me’ bike had clutch problems. Luckily I was there with the guy that sold it to me, he had the old clutch springs which they put back in and I was back on the track for the afternoon sessions.

It was a little nervy, especially the left hander I binned my CB1R on last time, but confidence grew through the sessions and I was feeling pretty good by the end. My penultimate session, I mounted the GoPro facing backwards and my mates said they would sit behind for a couple of laps. In fact, it took one of them 6 or 7 laps to finally get by me, the other didn’t at all! It was good to hear their compliments that my corner speed was pretty good, they liked the lines I was taking and said I was actually faster in a couple of bends than them, as I always think I’m VERY slow.

The rear view cam is actually very interesting. I can see I hold a few people up, but that I’m going fast enough that others don’t just breeze past me. I’m not sure that’s good or bad? lol. Also, the arse view cam is interesting, seeing how I move on the seat. I’m actually wondering about getting another GoPro :slight_smile:

Photo’s of the day can be seen here -

I need to replace the blue 55 decal on the bike with a red 15. Any tips on removing decals?

Nice butt motion :smiley: apparently half a butt off seat is enough. You’re top seems quite upright - your butts moving laterally, but your head isnt. Perhaps you’re not relaxed enough which will tire you out! I’m no expert. But as you are looking at body position think about being in a position where you can use your elbows and knees to support you on the side of the tank as your leaning through corners. You should be able to take a hand of the bars while in the corners you should be that relaxed on the bars - 'twas a drill at the css.


Let me know when you’re going out again I need a track day - ummm I mean, a nice day on a road with no oncoming traffic on it… :smiley:

Hey Andy,

Glad you got yourself a track bike sorted out, beast of a thing too!!

As for your decals, heat gun or hair dryer will do the finest, keep the heat moving and don’t get it too hot. They should then peel straight off. You can use a small amount of petrol on a rag to remove any glue residue that might be left over.

Cool video, the only one thing I would say is you need to move the bottom half of your body earlier than you do. It looks from the video (only in some of the corners) that you turn in and then move your lower body, which in turn makes the bike unstable as your transferring weight via the footpegs. Get your body position all set before the turn and it will make the world of difference.

Yeah, it was usually Druids that had me doing that. One of the things I’m not doing well is gear management. I only really change in two places, up once or twice on the home straight and down to second at druids. I’m trying to get lines, body position and speeds right, but not thinking so much about gears. This means, druids, where I have to position, think about line and position my body, I was not getting it all done in the right order or at the right time.

My head position was another thing I was conscious of, but not often succeeding in.

The left handers I still feel more comfortable in, I don’t know why. It was usually those that friends said I took faster than them.

You see! Thats the lazyness of a bigger bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Try staying in one gear to begin with and go through getting smoother getting into position on the corner approach. Basically focus on practicing one thing at a time. I find there’s way too much going on from a fast straight into a tight corner on the R6. I try to not worry too much about speed on the straight and practice braking, body position, turn-in point, looking for my apex, quick steering in, lean angle, smooth acceleration. Trying to add gear changes in there too just makes me panic !!

Brilliant Andy…I was there too in the novice group so will take a look through the vid…What a cracking day eh! :wink:

Wish I thought about saying hello to you though…Sorry:blush:

Top vid Andy and i can’t believe my luck…I’m in it :cool:

On your session 6 rear view video from 3:35 to 4:45…

Fat guy :blush: on a hired green Ninja with a silver lid.

It’s difficult to tell but it looks like I don’t move on the bike at all but when I’m riding I’m make a concious effort to try to hang off…Very strange but I must try harder I suppose (and lose some weight).

You have got a good bit of kit there with the bike mounts etc…Like it:cool:

To be honest, I forgot I’d made that other thread too. I would have carried on in it. I’ll just use this one to keep it simple now :slight_smile:

Did you say you ordered photo’s? I thought you had to get them on the day? I bought a CD with 25 photo’s for £30. Seem’s a little expensive, but not much choice. I had a friend who said he was coming to take photo’s, but he forget :doze:

Yes I ordered them. I paid up front when I booked the trackday that way you don’t have to get to the back of a long queue.

I wanted to use my helmet camera but the Marshall’s at Snetterton and Brands wont allow helmet cams :frowning: and as I hire a bike I can’t mount my contour to the bike.

What a cracking day though?

I really really really tried to get my knee down but my body positioning is all wrong I think. People behind me say that I am close and that I have enough lean angle but I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Oh well…in the meantime I was having fun that was for sure…

For you gents :smiley:

I like that vid :slight_smile: