back after accident with new ninja

i trashed my old blue b1h (and my arm) in an accident two months ago.ive had a lot of time to think about what happened, and to search for my next bike.
Whilst searching i found my bro’s (collett21) old b1, went and had a look, offered him silly-money and got it! :w00t:
Needless to say i’ll be more careful with this little jem :smiley:

Treat it like your bro treated it…thrash it baby yeah;)

loveing it m8 that pipe is nice my have to look out for one as i wont to git my scop off my bike


nothing wrong with your pipe mate! Looks mean as

cough, well if you’d heard it up close, you’d change your mind :O)
see little sample :0o


better yet:

That sounds the ****** ;)I recognise that roundabout - it that the one called " the peanut " over near Legoland near Windsor ?Best place I know for practicing KD :w00t:

i like to think of it as the ‘go-kart’ track haha :stuck_out_tongue:
i just got myself some new leathers to go with the bike. I got a free pair of sidi vertigo boots with them from infinity.A truly amazing deal!!!
Whats the verdict? fing beautiful, that’s what!* :smiley: