Back after a while away :)

Hello all! I joined a while back, when I had a little 125. I’ve since done my DAS and upgraded (slightly) to a Honda CBR250r - in beautiful black! Here I am looking pleased on the day I rode it away from Doble in Coulsdon. I commute up from Wallington to Moorgate every day, keep an eye out for a dinky girl in black and pink :slight_smile:

I think I have seen you in Mitcham…??? Welcome back… Stay safe out there !!

Welcome back nice looking bike you have there XD

Yeah that is a nice bike - there is one of those parked next to me most days - nice bike and for many 250 is enough…

Welcome back!

You probably would have, I go through there :slight_smile: Give me a wave next time :smiley:

Cheers guys :slight_smile: Yeah 250 for me is plenty, I’m pretty short so I had to have it lowered as well - a bigger bike would be far too much for me! If I dropped it, I’d have to walk away :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done on passing your DAS and I like the look of your bike. Is it new?

Nope, it’s a 2012 model. Hardly used though, I think the previous owner did just over 1000 miles on it. I’ve added a few scratches since that photo was taken :confused:

Hi and welcome… back.


ps. please do not change standard can for some scorpion, or if you do don’t remove the muffler. I had lady on similar bike on way from work, was stuck behind her for some reason for a while and I’m really thinking about run her over. Noise is similar to pneumatic hammer.

Hi and welcome.

@EvilBlade loud pipes saves lives.

1st thing I changed, after nearly getting crushed as cage drive did no hear or see me!
He heard the two other loud bikes go passed but pulled out on me!

I fully agree with this, I don’t agree with taking out muffler for commuting.


Haha - don’t worry, the price of alternate cans puts me off completely :stuck_out_tongue: The only mods I’ll be doing are to swap the clutch/brake levers out for sporty red ones, and maybe get a smoked screen.


I still have mine in…

For the price of all that above,look at SP Engineering for exhaust. You will be surprised!

welcome! is your helmet pink too? make it easier to spot you

That can looks mahoosive

Kinda of spoils the rest of the lines for me, enjoy your new ride.

Hello and welcome :smiley:

@me_groovy: Sadly not! I’m hoping to get a new one at some point though, and it will be pink! :smiley:

If you need “pink” helmet let me know, I give you contact to the guy who is doing professional air-brush paints on helmets, bikes etc.
He is very good and not expensive so you can always have a perfect fitted helmet (or perfect protection) with graphics of your choice.