BabyJ / Luggage

All set and ready for France Now !!

Just back from risking life, limb and finances down at BabyJ,s Infinity store and got my self a nice little set of luggage kit at a blinding price…all ready for the offski !!!

Cheers Jay !!

Good choice,

I toured Champagne recently for a coupla days with a couple of other Ducs using just the Oxford tank bag and a small rucksack. You soon get used to it being there and it didn’t budge an inch…

Enjoy those French back roads m8… they’re mental!


and what else did you buy Barro???

Me and Nick bought the same set from M and P a few months back. excellent piece of kit.

I got away from him with just a can of chain lube…which I drove off without and had to go back for !!!..

hes quality…took time out to show me the best ways to attach the luggage, the lot…

Big up the Jayster !!!

That’s bonkers, it’s cheaper than the panniers on their own! I have a tail-pack, but would like to see if some panniers would fit my bike instead. I might pop down to see him soon.

Westfazer, are you doing any luggage?

hey Jay i dont unfortunatley but i can order the givi kit. I do have a fab tailpack though!!

just bought the same on line, i dont dare go near that shop not when i just been payed hopefully wont take too long to turn up

word of warning with the tail pack, fit it to your bike first, then fill it up with all your gear, going to the summer bash i loaded the pack up got it on the back of the bike, pulled the bungees round to hook up under the tail of the bike and they managed to pull through the hooks from the bungees!

which leaves you with a length of elastic and no hook on the end!

but other than that it was a good bit of kit!

I’m running the Cortech saddles and tailbag. Have been great, even in heavy rain with the rain covers.

One note- put the passenger pegs down as they will rub holes in the bottom of the saddle bags

oh and always put some of that protective blanket down to stop the rubbing bungees on your paint!

I’ve got that exact same set Barro, used it for my Scotland trip and it was great, did the job perfect.

As Charly said, The rain covers are crap, so I just had all my stuff inside the tail pack / panniers packed inside a strong black bin bag. Worked perfect.

for waterproofing you could try an ortileb bag which are what canoeists and squaddies use there pretty mauch as waterproof as you can get