BabyJ is fair game...

Last seen hiding behind a cash register thumbing a BIG wad of cash:

1 pair - top class water proof boots (bonus protection cream

1 pair Dragon jeans - Foxy - you were spot on! They rock

1 - bottle cleaning stuff - hey its cos she’s worth it even if she does cost a fortune to run

1 - aerosoal of chain lube

TobyWan’s bank manager frothing, BabyJ’s commission for this month…that bit higher!

Nice one BabyJ, cheers mate!

I made him work for the dosh today though, it took him ages to get me to part with my money. I was always going to do it, just needed a bit of a convincing.

Boots… Daytona by any chance?

no, Gaerne, but good.

BabyJ showed me the £600 Daytona’s and gave me the sales spiel…but I’d need to be directing Big Brother to afford them…

Small steps…and a pint of lager first!

Very wise!

Gaerne’s are good. I like mine.