Baby Polar Bear wants a Buell

Come on then Stace… get the pics of me up here!!!


But it’ll turn into a pumpkin at midnight… oh it already has

He’s not the only one that wouldn’t mind one!

Sweet! But no offense dude that bike looks small on you. A bit like me on my scooter back in the day. Don’t fancy any of the BMW range? They are built for tall Teutonic type of people.

Yeah Chunky! get a smaller bike!!

If you squint your eyes it looks like a Mito in that pic

I was looking at that one too.

Buells go like stink and were rated best handling bike as well. Go for it! I have had a go on an old one and it was wicked fun!

Am on leave this week so will hopefully be dropping mine into the body shop to have the scratches polished out … then its going up for sale.

So anyone that knows of someone intrested in a black 52 plate xb9s 10000 miles…