BABT Bikers Against Bike Theft

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You spelt theft wrong

who are the ift? and why are we against them?? :hehe:


UPDATE: Spell check applied. BABT all correct now lets get behind the actual cause



to save me having to go on facebook, what is babt?

i googled it and British Approvals Board for Telecommunications came up…

Its Babes Against Boob Tubes :smiley: smiled started it, apparently girls running round with their baps out will distract bike thieves and our bikes wont go missing or something like that :smiley:

should of started that group in the summer, they might have someones eye this time of year :smiley:

Smiled, you should of made this a Facebook Pages not person. - that way you can have more people administrating the content if need be.

Excellent work. :smiley:

Can this be accessible somewhere else and not just facebook :ermm: 'cos i don’t do facebook, but want to support the cause?? Thx Q

well done, i have requested friendship and will forward to everyone i know.

Def shouldnt be a person on FB.

Also Smiled has said a separate site is due for the Non-FB guys/gals.

I’ve just sent a request to join, hadn’t seen this thread but one elsewhere by LewisR6 linking it.


Whilst this has less than 50 friends, redo it as a page. That way you don’t need to approve all the people that ‘like’ it too.

It will hamper it’s progress having it as a person. Fantastic idea though and good work on making the effort!!!

That’s better :smiley:

please excuse me for not knowing what the phuck im doing…but its all updated now…:D…

link at the top updated…;)…
or press here.:

BABT Bikers Against Bike Theft

Promote your Page too


whats the idea behind the page?

Somebody reports a bike stolen - you send out a message to members and then we all dress up and go on the hunt for the little thieving feckers?

Please let it be that.