BA damaged luggage: not many people know that...

…if your luggage gets in any way damaged on a BA flight, even at the arrival carousel at a foreign airport, you’ll get the suitcase repaired or replaced! I certainly didn’t, but wanted to complain anyway, as pissed off.

My three-year-old Samsonite case lost a zip to a small compartment at Rome airport, and just now, I took delivery of a brand spanking new £120 Samsonite case, the updated and improved version of what I had. I certainly would not have gone out to buy a new one or claim on the insurance (I think my excess would have been £50), as I could just have made sure to put only things I could afford to lose in that compartment, such as dirty knickers…

How about that?

My case was caught in the carousel by the zip handles (or whatever they’re called) and when I picked it up, they were left behind. So, I marched to the BA desk, filled in a form, got a reference number (airport code - airline code - 5 numbers), as well as the BA number in Rome. Got back to London a few days later and called BA with that ref. They gave me another number, to Antler, who they use. Antler was going to replace my bag with an Antler one, but the BA had already told me it should be replaced with an identical bag if still in production. They came to pick it up, but unfortunately my bag was out of stock, so they had to wait to get another one from Samsonite. Various delays, due to people cancelling the order, etc, later, I finally, two months on, got my brand new suitcase!

Now all I need is a job, so I can go travelling again!

Great result.

Very good of them to do so. Not a lot of success stories with things like this but glad everything went ok! especially with a Samonite case, lol


I know, I was amazed! All I was after was to vent my anger, and was surprised to be told by the BA a few days later that they’ll give me a brand new suitcase! Even when my suitcase still worked, it was only a small compartment that couldn’t be locked.

Hmm, thinking of a dirty weekend now…

Nice a new bag I’m sure most airlines would have just told you to cough off. Good to see BA are ok

I could do with a dirty weekend, wanna take me too

Hey Pixie, great to hear BA is still on the roll,even with all the cutbacks and that new CEO from Aer Lingus. As someone who works for a airline, I’ll have you know that if it’s not repairable or is just too much hassle ,they will usually get it replaced cuz they get a deal on it(the company, in this case Samsonite prob,. provides all the luggage for the inflight crew). BTW, was in Rome in August and had an awesome time, nice hot weather, great food, and lots of decent lookin’ bella bambina!!