B52 crash


thats defo down noise

how much they cost??? think st nick can get one down the chim???

Good job it was a model one and not a real one

Whoah, mad videos. The first one, I’m surprised nobody laughed, but the last two, how unfortunate…

“Looking at it flying, it’s hard to tell it from the real one”

Yeh, it don’t do slow vertical turns either.


Those guys, I’ve met few over the years, they spend years (literally) and no small amounts of money making these huge tatty r/c planes, then launch them, nearly always into the jaws of imminent disaster.

I crack up everytime I see’em.

But the real vids, seen before but still scary. B52’s in the flesh are scary mofo’s and must make a big hole when they go down. What about the shot of the pilot clearing the ridge by 30ft!!