B500 Germany, Jubilee Bank Holiday

Seriously Slipper, this will be a fast ride, with a ZZR10, a ZZR1400 and a GTR1400 and three very experienced riders. They will only stop when they or the bikes need fuel.

It is a bike ride not a sightseeing tour, they intend to do big miles per day on some challenging roads and stopping every 50 will not happen.

I would advise you to gain more group/distance riding experience in the UK before tackling Europe.

Hope you don’t mind me saying it as it is I would not like to see you try and ride outside of your comfort zone and get into trouble.


Thanks for the reminder BL, Its not a sightseeing tour ?

WTF are you on about?


First one to the hotel, gets to the bar… with Britte.

Enjoy Slipper!

I might be a seeing a few sights of my own tonight :smiley:

You in then slipper?? Booked??

just looking for breakdown cover, there is availablity still at hotel and on the chunnel, i am on the case :slight_smile:

Yes I agree, I don’t think i have the right bike nor the level of experience for that trip.
good luck guys, enjoy the trip. maybe we can go on another (more relaxed) trip together or when i move up to the 1000 + cc range :slight_smile:

All Booked :cool:

But the 0720 was full, so its the 0650 departure for me. Thats a bit early.

And the 2120 coming back.

Hotel booked ok.

@Ash007 - You don’e need a 1000cc machine. There is only so much speed you can do on the road because of traffic and the road itself. Improve your skill level and just stay on the throttle. You may have to fill up a lot more often than those guys as I’m assuming they have massive tanks.

If you want a more chilled ride where you can take a pillion look out for the Brugge Chocie Run which is also kindly organised by Mo and takes place every year. I went this year and it was very enjoyable.

There is a good chance that we will not be able to go:(

Our dog has been taken ill with back problems which will mean she can’t go into kennels.

sorry guys, nothing I can do!!!

You evidently haven’t been on the B500 yet then :w00t: :smiley:
When you ‘cruise’ through the bends with 100+ and accelerate out of them only to pull a stoppie at 150+ because some certain muppet decided to stop at the parking spot right next to him, then yeah, chances are smaller bikes will not keep up.

That said, scongle has done well on her Daytona 675, but even then did not keep up, since lost sights of the others are fair few times.

As is with Rob’s rides, I volunteered for tail gunning, so I was at the end anyway :wink:

Most 600ccs do 140-150 anyway. Don’t want to rag my bike down to the ground but if your desperate to go then a man has to do what a man has to do… Also, he can tail gun and still have his own little burst of fun :).

You must give yourselves plenty of stopping distance between you and the rider in front, how many times do i have to bang on about this, this was one of my faults in the early days which other members banged into me, muppets

I know, but it still won’t be easy. It also of course depends on the rider.
Last time we were there, there were large gaps between the front three people and the last three people, which is what I’m basing my comment on.

Haven’t been on a Mo organised and led ride out, but I’ve heard he rides a lot more progressive than Fat Allan does :slight_smile:

And yet you haven’t learned yet, Rob. How often are you right behind someone else (when you’re not leading), not giving any space for exactly that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, how would you know, your always at the back

Rob was so close to someone on the Brugge run that his clutch cable caught on their handle bar and snapped :stuck_out_tongue:

arghhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry to hear about your dog.

other lads - are we still going lads ?

on your ride outs I tail gun. on other ride outs where you don’t lead I don’t necessarily tail gun, so I see what you’re doing :stuck_out_tongue:

we have spoken;) we are still on:)

That was so funny:w00t: I was right behind Nick, coming down from 100+ to make that little turn:w00t: but you had to admire Nicks riding skill to have missed the back of Rob!!!