B500 Germany, Jubilee Bank Holiday

Following the very succesfull trip last Bank Holiday to Germany, I am doing something similar over the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

Will be leaving early on Sunday 3rd June and returning early evening on the 5th June.

On the Sunday we will cover 400 miles with just under half of those on motorway to munch some miles. We will go via Prum to Cochem, then follow the Mosel south on to Kaiserslautern where we will check in a Novotel for 2 nights.

Monday will be PLAY DAY:w00t: we will ride approx 250 miles on some of the most awesome roads! including the infamous B500 (with no snow):wink:

Tuesday will be a reverse route of Sunday:cool:

No moaning gits, whingers, lightweights allowed:P

This is strictly limited to 6 bikes

Get yourself booked up,

Eurotunnel depart on the 07:20 on Sunday 3rd June, return on the 20:50 on 5th June Bargain price of £55 return:cool:

Hotel, I have booked via Bookings.com

Novotel Kaiserslautern

St Quinten-Ring 1

67663 Kaiserslautern


Total cost £104.76 for a double room for 2 nights:cool:

  1. Busa55+MrsB (with cake):wink:

  2. NickZZr14

  3. Martin

Will have a quick Chat with Laura before I book.

That is providing either of us aren’t classed as Moaning Gits (me) Whingers or Lightweights. :smiley:

Be good to have you both along:) This was going to be a joint venture with Rioting Rob but he has not been given a pass:w00t:

Don’t rule me out completely, where theirs a will theirs a way:D

Would love to do a quick trip on the B500, but dont think funds will stretch to it now :frowning:

Just bought another bike, and now paying off the g/f Credit cards

3 places remaining;)

Ok, I will let moaning gits and whinger come:w00t::cool:

No one else fancy this little bimble? :slight_smile:

if i’d not just blown my spare cash on a second bike i’d be tempted…much chance of a late booking if cash comes available in next week or two?

Ditto, just been hit with a bill for £300 for car springs too…poooooey

@Busa55 I and Rose (my girlfriend) would love to join.

a few things about me:

  • I’ve got a Hornet 600 (2008 model)
  • I am more of a novice rider on the bigger bikes (although i’ve been riding for about 3 years now, 2 years were on a 125cc)
  • although i’ve gone on many nation rides (to brighton, bournmouth, etc) i’ve never done a euro trip on the bike (but i have done many euro trips by car to france, holland, etc)

I’ve got a few question if you don’t mind

  • what types of bikes do you guys ride? and whats your average crusing speed? (65, 70, 80mph)
  • what is the average distance do you guys aim to cover between rest? (i.e cycles of 50miles and 10 mins rest)

Mmmm, Ash, this might not be one for you, 65, 70, 80 mph?? we will be getting out of first gear and 80 will probably be the slowest speed we will do:w00t:

seriously Ash, this will be a fast ride, with a ZZR10, a ZZR1400 and a GTR1400 and three very experienced riders. We will only stop when us or the bikes need fuel.

This is a bike ride not a sightseeing tour, we intend to do big miles per day on some challenging roads and stopping every 50 will not happen.

I would advise you to gain more group/distance riding experience in the UK before tackling Europe.

Hope you don’t mind me saying it as it is:) I would not like to see you try and ride outside of your comfort zone and get into trouble.

cheers, Mo

Better be careful on the B500 as apparently the plodizie are having a major crackdown on bikers speeding & making iffy overtakes on it, my Jerry is non-existent, but this is by all accounts a TV news item on it:


Though I suspect like over here, they’re mostly out on a weekend when the locals are out playing.

Yeah! fully aware;) we were down there a few weeks ago (in the snow):w00t:

Yes i do fancy it, I don’t know how I hadn’t seen this before. A ride where I can actually do the dates !
I will have a look into getting breakdown cover and whatever else ( i forget since I last went on a Euro bimble) :slight_smile:

I appreciate that we haven’t met before, but here are my crudentials (I used to parade around as ‘bricking it’ ):


I thought we had:) if you want to join us get booked up, all details in the first post:cool:

Ok I have started getting it together.

Started with ordering a new tinted visor, becuz the sun will be out all the time :cool:

Have also put new tesco multigrade oil in the bike. :rolleyes:

has everyone else booked or does anyone what to share a twin room ?

if you were doing this like a month later I so would have been keen to come, unfortunately no can do this time round… Always wanted to ride the B500 as well