B184 fooooked!!!


Deeper gravel than I have ever seen. Unbelievable 10mph and you can hear it destroying your bike.




That looks like excellent fun. Where is this B184? Neither Google nor Bing maps seem to know what I mean.


Ah! Found it, Essex. Arguably on my way home this evening…



Are they doing that horrible resurfacing work? 

Absolutely hate it when they do that. A lot of it is due to having lost the bike on mud that I still tense up a lot but I cannot stand it (especially with Maya on the back) when we hit those patches… 


You’ve ridden the B184 many many times. Starts just beyond the Ongar Esso/Tesco Express continues north through Fyfield, Leaden Roding, Great Dunmow, Thaxted, Saffron Walden and disappears 10 mile short of Cambridge.

The gravel is surface dressing. It takes two weeks of traffic to bed it down and then the contractor returns and sweeps up the excess. Give it three months :wink:


Essex highways have been dropping kitty litter all over Essex for the last few years

its cheap don’t you know


That they have and not just cheap but proper fun too when its freshly laid. We did a TOWiE in April and encountered it on a very interesting 5 mile stretch of the B1352 (Manningtree to Wrabness)


Hmm, what happens if several thousand bikers make a claim against Essex Highways for damage to bikes; stone chips, visor/helmet chips, bitumen damage to leathers etc etc?


And have you seen the road going East from Abridge? Did have loose chippings on it a month ago, it’s now two tracks of super shiny smooth bitumen, gonna be a fun one in the wet…


I remember blasting to Finchingfield for an early lunch last year on the 990 and on the way back finding about a mile of this starting in the middle of a corner; no warnings at all. Really dangerous. I had my heart in my mouth as I watched my friend in the mirrors follow my pace into it - thankfully he was fine and we just rolled back down to 20 without needing the brakes.


I think they’re covered by the placement of the 20 mph, loose chippings and skid risk signage, however if there is insufficient signage or warnings that may be a different matter.

This may be of interest, it relies on Scottish Law but the duty of care and negligence principles are pretty much the same in English Law.



There’s no sufficient warning or alternative route as they decided to recover the whole place at the same fucking time.
And if you think chippings and fresh tar are fun on a hot day like this, you’re fucking welcome.


Cyclists are loving this too