B12 swap

yep getting bored again, icant settle, lol.
B12, 35k miles, ******* excellent condition, i would go as far to say you would be pressed to find a cleaner 96 model around.
Got some tasteful mods but nowt major, renthals (surprise), single headlight on at mo, its the sports model so has fairing originally, new exhaust system with scorpion can, new hagon shock and i am lead to believe it has WP springs in front forks.
Also got chrome grab handle at rear too also have originals still.
Why? nothing less than 750 though and no pieces of crap or projects.
see pics, will get pic of as is l8r but you can use your imagination to wot it looks like with single headlight, lol.
Not got mantis fairing on now too.

As is at mo, still have the Original fairng too.