B, you out there?


hello peeps, long time…

Has anyone got a contact for Brian that does suspension set ups, out of Twickenham?

he used to be B on here, you still around B?
I need your expertise.



He’s on FB, BN race science.


Hey Alba, hope you’re well.

I don’t do the faceboob, but i’ll look him up.



PM Sent mate.


Cheers man.





Hey Gav. You have boobies on your clutch hand, do they help with wheelies?

cheers Joby.


I should say also that if you are thinking of having your suspension set up, stop thinking and book it in. It’s the best upgrade you can get. Way better than an exhaust or a power commander.


@B should be here.


Hey Joby, I absolutely agree, I have 600 miles on a new bike and this is the first thing I’m doing. B did my KTM, and it felt great already, but afterwards the difference was like night and day, different bike. and soooo much better.

There is a reason I came here lookin.


Hi Jay. you well?


Cheers Guys! I’m still here and available to all LBers for suspension set ups and advice.
Improved safety, comfort and grin factor induced cornering guaranteed.