[email protected]£tard CAMDEN!

Parked the car today on Scala Street in the lovely Borough of Camden. I usually avoid Camden like the plague as they’re ticket happy at the best of times. However, I wanted to go to Tottenham Court Road and as it was Sunday I thought it would be OK to leave the car on a Single Yellow Line in a quiet side street.

WRONG: Apparently, I parked adjacent to a dropped footway in a Special Enforcement Area! So I have a lovely ticket for £120!

£120 is a bit steep.

Haha Camden are twats for that, ticks on the pavement, double ticks on the kerb, dropped slabs. They gave my colleuge a ticket a few minutes before the zone became PnD, and didn’t even have any evidence of him being there.

Just contest it until they drop it, its hassle for you but twice as much for them.

I got a ticket in Camden a few years ago and contested it. I wrote some cr*p about being law abiding etc etc, being upset that they were trying to cheat me and believing that the traffic wardens in Camden were notorious for giving out unfair tickets. I had parked outside shop number 49, out with the area cordoned off for road works but there was a yellow sign down the road saying that parking spaces in front of numbers 49 to 113 were off limits. Fortunately I was able to include the phone number of a workman as a witness and the penalty notice was dropped. Definitely worth complaining - if its not obvious that you shouldnt have parked there, its worth a few complaint letters.
Good luck

well its £60 really! (if you pay within 14 days) But if you want to be all dramatic have the oh so expensive £120 line… :smiley:

Sorry about your luck there fella!

Might also be worth your while looking through this free site:


You can check if the ticket has been made out correctly and details of signage ect.

Sorry about your ticket, fight all PCNs

Thanks, problem is they’ve got you by the nuts as it’s £120 if you go to arbitration… I’m deffo going to challenge it that’s for sure.

60 pounds fine for what…? parking in london is hell even now after all these years and what do the people in power do fines us ever more for their incompetence…why isnt parking made easy with better consideration made for the car and bike users etc…because its income…and havent we heard this one before…

This site has been a wealth of knowledge over the years: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/

As above, keep fighting and they will overturn it. Something like 82% of all tickets contested are overturned. But bear in mind that something like 90.4% of statistics are made up on the spot :smiley:

You’re lucky it was still there. When I lived in Enfield my wife parked our car overlapping a “dropped kerb for pedestrian access” in our service road overnight and they bloody towed it, and that was before 7.30 a.m. when she went to leave for work. Can’t remember what it cost to get it back, but it was more than £60! [email protected]! [email protected]! [email protected]!

With my highway code hat on - do not park within 10 metres of a junction?? looks about 6 metres from it to me?

great if it would be enforced everywhere, where I live I can’t even get out the side road as some big van or whatever is blocking the view, pain in ass to creep forward slowly slowly just to see if anything is coming…

bunch of rubbish if you ask me. I got done for a 2 minute, basicaly I went around my mates and the parking time was 8 - 10 am only… yeah in Hornchurch, I parked at 9:58, it was even on the ticket… so he must have waited saw me go inside and bang slap me the penalty.

I was close to the junction, but I wasn’t causing an obstruction… plus it’s a very quiet road and it was Sunday!

Camden are scum, but it is definitely worth contesting. Have a close look at the ticket and see that the details have been recorded correctly. Then study the parking warden’s manual and Camden’s own protocols, which you should be able to find here

The last one I contested was on the basis that the warden had recorded the observation period as 1 minute, not 5 as the guidelines require. They dropped it.

Their best ever was when they ticketed (although no ticket affixed) my car while I was on holiday. Unfortunately for them, my car was parked for the entire period in the private car park of the block. No, not a cloned plate. Just a lying warden and an embarrassed council.

Fight it unless you are certain you are 100% bang to rights.

Interesting, as the period of observation on the ticket was zero minutes 1432 - 1432!