B`s instructing dates with Focused Events

If youre thinking of doing a trackday whether for the first time or youre a racer check out the dates below. Ill be instructing on them and will be available to help you out. If you dont need my help then no problem but do come and say hello
If you havent done a trackday before id definitely say you should try it once and if you really want to get the most out of it you can book me for 1 to 1 tuition where i will personally look after you for the day and sort out any problems or goals you want to achieve.

If you want any further info about trackdays etc feel free to ask. Hope to see you out there
Check out focusedevents.com

I`ll be at:



MALLORY PARK 6TH JULY (chequered flag day) 6 pupils to one instructor with on and off track tuition.


I`ll be updating this throughout the year

how about silverstone on june 4? i’ll even buy you a hotdog


I can fully recommend B’s services. I’ll definitely be calling on you again, I wanna get my knee down next time, lol.

Thanks SheWoolf

Sorry for the delay in replying, my computer is playing up and i’m easily cofused with technology.

Should be back to normal soon though.

Nadsta, i’ll be at Brands on the 5th June if you like, not keen on hot dogs but a cup of tea will do mate.

Cheers for Donnington mate!

I’ll try and make the Brands one but the Donno 1 i am gonna be a DEFO for

Lets see if you can still keep up by then

B, can’t do brands on the 5th mate, will see you later in the year for sure.

B - are you doing any Brands evening sessions before 3rd June at all?

Sounds like your racing Derby Phoenix at Brands indy the same as me?!

Not at the moment mate, but i’ll be trying to get on track there on the 31st May daytime to help Sammo but if not i’ll still be going to help off track as well.

Sorry for the slow response,i 'm not online much at the moment, still waiting for mine to be repaired.