Really annoyed, missed out on my dream job today because of my health grrrr :frowning:

Same here, always fancied a job as quality control co-ordinator in my local brothel, went to a one legged lesbian councellor. Nepotism reigns.

We can and will change the world.

Hope yer OK mate.

Missed out on a 7 month contract as a musician on a cruise ship, but I’ve unable to play properly for the last 8 months.

Hey ho, that’s how things go I guess. My chance will come around again. Although quality control co-ordinator in a brothel sounds tempting…

That must be so frustrating.

That’s a shame am sure it’ll come around again soon. :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t have liked it. I mean all those women in bikinis sunbathing, it would get sooo boring.

Not really helping am I?

Joking aside gutted for you, but as cruising seems to be getting more popular surely there will be another chance.

It wouldnt have suited you, unless you can swim with your instruments

that would have been a concern as it was a cruise round Italy, but I’d worked out that I could use my trombone as a snorkel if need be