B H Weekend. Whats kicking off?

Whats the craic?

A bit of Welsh lamb

I’ll be up for a this … give me a chance to play with my new toy:
Yamaha Tracer! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m going to something called “London Dakar” which involves neither of those places.

I’ll be working all of it😓

Possibly Dunsfold Wings and Wheels…

I might be at dunsfold too

I’ll be Green Laning in Wales

Notting Hill Carnival

Trackday at Rockingham on Sat,think Sun and Monday will be lazy days…

Waterskiing on Sunday

hopefully i’ll be riding the bike for three days solid after this fucking rain…:smiley:

Relatives. :frowning:

Still no bike:-(

Had hoped to be getting it back on the road this weekend, but no joy, still awaiting delivery of new pipes.

Thinking of my bike, all damp under the covers.


Bet you and Mrs NT are getting wheelie excited about the free camping :slight_smile:

We limped over there last year. Very interesting, more local Essex and Suffolk cider than you could shake a stick at and the live bands sounded better and better with each passing glass :wink:

Hoping to get in two or three days of riding. But nothing planned yet.

I’ll be working Monday

well Saturday I will be trying to find a quiet road home from Cornwall, not much chance of that I guess.
Sunday cleaning things
Monday making them dirty again.