B....C....R (6th Sept?)

Dear All

I recently had my bike moter rebuilt and I have not had a chance to ride it since. Weather and the unforseen permitting I thought some BCR would be good to get some miles on the motor.

Now this exact same circumstance occurred some years back and I went out with competent learners and those wanting to learn the BCR route at a slower pace地s was the BCR of the day, it ended with some neenorneenor and a trip to A&E for a rider. Hopefully lightening wont strike twice.

The ride leaves early (8am usually) from The City Pavillion roundabout (The BCR roundabout RM5 2BH). The ride will get back to the start about 1pm if no one binsit.

A few rules:

It aint a race. Treat it like one and its neenorneenor and a trip to A&E! Showing off dont work when plod are trying to nick you as youre being lifted into an ambulance.

Speed limits in the villages are to be respected. That dont mean going past a 30 sign at 240mph and then slowing to 30. It means entering the 30 at 30 and keeping both wheels on the road till you pass the Nat/speed sign please.

Fuel. Pls HAVE A FULL TANK when you arrive at the roundabout. Pls dont inconvenience the ride. There will be fuel stops (may be 50mls in)

The ride is about 90mls and will stop for breakfast in Finchingfield. Its a grown-ups ride and progressive. Thats means its not suited to novices Im afraid.

Hopefully Ill see some familiar faces and some new one too.

Lets make this happen!:wink:


Nice one @SneakyMcC!

For whatever reason Ive not been on one yet. Very tempted to now that I have the SMC-R!

Well, are you gonna ride it or talk abt it?:wink:

Itd be ace if u join us :sunglasses:

Oh okay then :slight_smile: Its an hours ride to the start for me, but I think itd be rude not to :slight_smile:


PJ used to ride in from Surrey, we had Guy and family from the South of Kent and 2 ppl Road from Northampton for the ride so youll be in good company.

Get some other riders to join you. Brilliant roads!:sunglasses:

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@Panagiotis you up for this? Help me rep team KTM?

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No invite for me? :rage: :slightly_frowning_face: for team KTM?

Of course, but you dont live down the road from me :slight_smile:

SW, NW only points on the compass. :rofl:

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Prob not as its our wedding anniversary. Next one though

Sorry I phucked up. That shd be Sunday the 6th!!!

Ooh! Depending on hangovers I might be able to make it!
@Jay we will prob leave at 7am! You sure you can wake up that early? :joy:


If going beyond FF - be aware the bridge was closed today. Lot of cones and looks like it will be closed for a little while. So worth double checking before you set off whether the work is complete.

That said - you can get off - and push your bike along the footpath to the side - and carry on, if your bike is light enough.

Edit - supposed to be done by 28th August - so you should be ok.

Gutted am working at BSB Silverstone otherwise would of come :slightly_frowning_face:

Ill get some practice in and let you know :slight_smile:

So, are you coming then @Kevsta? :yum:

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I think so. Itll be rude not to join a noise of KTMs.

Pun stop panning and make sure youre in.


Thanks BlueLagos. Will you grace us with yr presence? :pray:

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Hey buddy, can we stop bringing that up day with the neenorneenor. I still get crap about that day at home years later, think the pregnant wife on holiday in NY may have something to do with it!!

Will let you know

Sorry mate! :wink: