Aye up

Hi guys, drinks all round, Im from sheffield and after seeing you mentioned on the sheffield bikers forum thought I’d say hi and have a nosey round. Im a motorcycle instructor, and I have 2 honda XBR500’s a Yamaha SRX600 an FZR750 and an FZR1000.

:Whistling: sneeks off for a scout round

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello :smiley:

Welcome to LB :cool:

greetings fellow northener. welocme to LB

hiya, that would of been me on the sheffield forum, lol organising my camping trip :smiley:

No curtis it was me !! I told the whippet humpers 2 pop in n say hello, so welcome northern type and if perchance curtis keeps his trumpet running that far we might have a beer wiv ya mate

Hello :slight_smile:

ooooooh keep ya shirt on :stuck_out_tongue:

hi pinky how did the scout around go…

Howdy duck, well im a learner northerner! hehe, welcome to the site:w00t:

You picked a date 4 route recce yet curtis ?

Sorry got lost :ermm: like the forum :smiley:

Whippet humper indeed :blink: what am i supposed to do with something that size?

Actually don’t answer that!