Aye Gee -Welling

Seems to have gone all ‘up-market’ selling luxury (read expensive) American motorcycles…

Shame - they’ve been around for a long time. Not sure if that is the right move in these tough economic times. I guess only time will tell…

that’s why they have gone american i think times got tough and i think suzuki dropped them.

Bought a lid from them years ago & the sales woman was all fussy about me touching stuff. Also had them do some basic servicing and they tried to charge me over the top.
Never used them since.

only thing i like about them there the only place that stock chain and sprockets for my dt 125 haha

Parts service is decent and they are friendly enough. I think they probably have a high stream of ped riders coming through, hence the no touching policy… Local area stereotype innit?

have used them many times. bought the PCX125 second hand from there. they were/are friendly and a decent price.