aww, don't they look cute!


Best looking bikes there :wink:

Love the balloons. Whose birthday was it?

It was air for IMORTAL


I’d throw my leg over either… bike.

Caption competition… What is wise thinking!?

“wish I hadn’t bought a gixxer”

Nice Pic!

One more.

You’re welcome for the entertainment !!

It was from an exchange in a thread earlier this week between Ink and me.

Is that Ink’s new toy? It must be, she looks so happy :slight_smile:

Certainly is Aceman. I still cabt believe you actually brought the balloons @cactus pmsl!! Thanks :wink:

Is that the TYGA body kit for the RVF/VFR 400???

That looks wicked.

Yep. The Vfr400NC30 with the rcv211 kit :slight_smile:

Cheers Sam.

I love it. It looks really nice, I’ve seen some really cool TYGA’d NC30’s. they do an underseat exhaust for them too so that the end pipe comes out where the tail light goes, and it still keeps the side exhaust too so it looks just like a proper RCV.

Wise is thinking. “Stickers don’t look too bad”

Been polishing one out today…