awol's dvd trailer............


oh and by the way none of this footage is on the public roads…

Nice Looking forward to seeing some more

love sparkies spinny thing… the DVD will be class no doubt

yeah good stuff

Looking good exo! I remember seeing clips here and there round at Sparkie’s house ages ago! Glad it’s coming together now. Let us know when/where we can pre-order a copy.

Looks awesome…will be buying that unfortunatluy couldnt waqtch with sound as am at work…but am sure it was awesome…

Looks to be a very good Dvd well done AWOL

Looks cool, I want a copy

the boys are trying to bring it out for x-mas, ill let you know when its out

Looks good, the boys have got some skill there.

**** hot, will be awesome.

If ya need help for any of the stunt work, well you, or any of the lads, ill happily borrow your gear and bike and do it all for you, make ya look pro and all. Just for a t shirt