After a couple of tinnies and whilst going for a lash, looking in the bathroom mirror, I just realised I can talk normally with my teeth clenched together.

Wicked :smiley:

I might go out and scare people in a minute :cool:

It’sh shomethin’ that jusht comesh naturally!! :smiley:

hehe… i was singing ocean colour scene’s “the day we caught the train” at the time…

not my favourite song, but it taught me summat new :smiley:

Oh No!:w00t: Our nemesis has returned:hehe:

hehe… hello you old gits - i’ve missed you like superman misses the green hornet…

or is that like the green hornet misses superman & lois? :smiley:

So long as you keep missing - it’s when your aim is good that we’re in trouble:w00t:

hehe… my aim is always good (ok, not according to my ex when it comes to toilet duties, but that’s a different thread :D)

I just haven’t set my sights yet - i’m being a good boy for a change lolz

haha, i cant do it, so it must be your special talent!! Nice to see you on here again… :D:D

Oh gawd a wannabe ventriloquist - watch out ladies, he’ll be offering to have his fist up yer wron’un next !

watch out son, or i’ll do you with a gottle of geer lolz :smiley: