That was amazing!

fcuk me, the way he flies between the trees at 1:18, latest then I’d have brown/yellow pants :blink: :blink:

Imagine you’re sitting somewhere there, enjoying a picnic with folks and a geezer comes flying past like that :w00t:

Awesome!! Kinda makes riding ANY motorbike regardless of how fast you can go as extremely TAME!!

What is your avatar all about?! Sort it out dude!



That is amazing!:w00t:

Sorry Karleigh you mean to tell me that my pics not doing it for you! Gutted!! Jokes aside its a pic from 3 years ago in Turkey

“If you start off by embarrassing yourself to your new “friends” then you can only improve on your situation and they are less likely to think you really are a dick”

Will change the avatar to save any blushes.


That’s a cool vid, I remember seeing a documentary about him, think it was called bird man or something??

Found it, human bird not bird man!

Wow! that is some crazy ****…

Awesome tune too…

All I’m gonna say is… THANK GOD FOR GO-PRO CAMERAS!

What a video. Thanks for sharing Boris. He was travelling at some speed… Awesome. Nice soundtrack too.