Awesome New Wheelie School at the top gear test track!

Some of you are probably thinking, “what do I need to learn to wheelie for, I’m already good at it!”, others are probably interested in trying it but have never had the chance to try. Well now is the time to try it. The instructors teach you on two different types of veichles, a quad (Honda TRX 400) and a motorbike (Fazer 600). The bikes are specially modified so you can’t flip them!The awesome instructors include Nick Storm, Lee Bowers and Tim Evans, some of the best freestyle stunt riders in the UK, so you know straight away you are in safe hands!
I was hoping that i could get a few girls together to go down and do the wheelie school together!

I really recommend the school and if you want to see more of what the instructors are capable of take a look at the links…

is this where they offer the legendary discount :Whistling:

video of learners is better to watch, no disrespect to the teachers, but we know they can do it, and a cost?

it looks wheelie good.


Thinking of Wheelies

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I’ve just booked in for Saturday!

Weather looks good, so should be a good day, all in all!!! :smiley:

Have fun, the instructors are awesome! Enjoy it, it’s so worth the experience :slight_smile:

Should be fun … Provided I don’t bin it :stuck_out_tongue:

would be interested to see how you get on with this as I’ve been pestering the missus to get me this as a pressie

Go for it! Its a great day out. And like i said before the bikes are specially set up to stop them from flipping.

Yes, I seem to recall a magical figure of £200. :slight_smile:

the one that had a few places left going for the special, never to be repeated one off price of £200… instead of the regular price of £200 :stuck_out_tongue:

Are these the guys that taught you to wheelie Ali?

HA HA HA PJ :stuck_out_tongue: im going to go in September and do some proper lessons. I want to perfect my stoppies first without flipping them :stuck_out_tongue: But i know the teachers and they are really awesome and friendly guys.

And can the rest of you stop hijacking my thread… if you don’t have anything worth while to write then please don’t write anything at all…

Yes it is £200 (direct debit) … or £200 + 3% if you pay by card.

I can wheelie, but always worried about how far I can go before I end up on my arse! - At least they have anit-flip devices fittted!

Baked Beans And Candy Floss :stuck_out_tongue:

glad to see you got the full LB discount :slight_smile:

If its a group booking the price comes down :slight_smile:

And you train first on the quads and then the bikes. TBH i think thats quite clever :slight_smile:

I thought the open road’s a general training course, at least that’s how I see it :unsure:
Pulled one down towards BHTH, not high yet, still learning :w00t:

@Zine: Understandably the anti-flip’s a good idea, but how will you know how far you can go if you actually never reach the point?

It’s great to hear that they are still giving us a discount. I thought that it was just a one off. :Whistling: